Ghent Panoramic Sketch

Drawing of Ghent.

Pencil on two sheets of A2 paper, 2018


I started this drawing  of Copenhagen a while ago and am finally starting to piece it all together. Here’s the first two panels, both separately and laid out.

The remaining two sections are still being drawn and I may need to edit these bits somewhat when I look at the final thing altogether but I’m fairly pleased with how it looks so far:

Edinburgh Sketch

I’m trying out a few slightly different ways of drawing, both in pencil and in pen.

Here’s a few stages of a sketch of Edinburgh; ultimately this will be a panoramic drawing and this section will be the left hand side of the piece:

Valetta Panoramic

Panoramic line drawing of Valetta, Malta.


Pen and ink on paper, 2018

The Angel of the North, designed by Antony Gormley.

Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, England.


Completed 20 years ago today in 1998.


Bode Museum, Berlin

The Bode Museum on Museum Island in Berlin, Germany.

Pen and ink on paper, 2018.

Architect: Ernst von Ihne.

Completed in 1904.

Originally called the Kaiser-Friedrich-Museum after Emperor Frederick III and renamed in 1956 after its first curator, Wilhelm von Bode.


Cityscape of Detroit.


Pen and ink on paper, 2017

Kuala Lumpur Continuous Line Drawing

Another continuous line drawing – this one used four colours.


These are tricky but interesting – it’s never easy for me to leave out details but I do find that the areas that are drawn more sparingly do tend to highlight the areas with more detail, so I am hoping that the more I work on these, the better they will look.

I included a greyscale draft again, just because I find it interesting to see how they come out.

Cityscape of Vienna

New line drawing of Vienna. Long overdue – I’ve been planning to draw this city for a while.


Pen and ink on paper, 2018.


Available for usage – please email for further information about usage, sizes and pricing.

Chicago Continuous Line Drawing

Most of my commissioned work tends to require a certain level of detail so it’s frustrating at times to not be able to explore the more abstract qualities some skylines and cityscapes have. I’ve been interested in looking at this for a while and a sketch of Chicago seemed to lend itself quite well to this style of drawing.

My husband asked me a while ago to try a skyline/cityscape which used two or three differently coloured continuous lines to explore the background and foreground of a view so I decided to give it a go. Here’s the drawing with three lines, one black, one light blue and one dark blue.

One thing I found from working on a series of Dot to Dot books over the last couple of years is that continuous line drawings are really difficult. They are also really interesting because the limitations of the line force you to make slightly different decisions about the way the drawing goes. There’s a lot I’d change about this piece – I think some areas would be better if there was less detail, but I think it’s an interesting technique and I might try some more at some point. I’ve always thought this style of drawing would lend itself very well to a monoprint, so I might take a look at working on one of these eventually.

After scanning the drawing – which was made using coloured fineliners – I isolated the different colours in photoshop and tried a black and white version to see how the piece looked when separated and combined.

New York City Mural

Last year I worked on a large scale panoramic drawing of New York which was commissioned as a mural for a financial services firm. Here's the full drawing:

And here is how the image looks on the wall:

The client also commissioned a series of drawings of different New York districts.

Financial District:


Times Square


As well as a bird's eye view of midtown:

Client: Financial Services Firm
Art Direction: Gensler
Photo Credits: Gensler

Panoramic Sketches of Copenhagen

I'm currently working on a panoramic drawing of Copenhagen which is composed of four separate sections which will be combined in photoshop when finished.

Here are the pencil sketches; I like to make these fairly detailed and to scan and compose them so I can see how the overall piece might look when finished. This helps me to spot any potential errors in the piece and to check that the composition works well.

Section 1:

Section 2:

Section 3:

Section 4:

Sections 1 & 2 combined:

Sections 1, 2 & 3 combined:

All four sections:

This pencil drawing is available at a high resolution - if you wish to purchase usage, please do get in touch at

Panoramic Cityscape of Paris

I recently completed this panoramic line drawing of Paris; although I've drawn the city several times in the past, I haven't yet attempted a panoramic version. paris-panoramic-drawing


What I liked about this composition is that the Eiffel Tower and the Sacré-Cœur Basilica balance one another out and provide two focal points which allowed me a bit of freedom in how I represented the city buildings between them. So there is an element of abstraction to some of the building shapes which stops the piece being too busy.


This panoramic was drawn freehand using a Rotring Rapidograph pen on paper and is available for sale as a digital image in Tiff, Jpeg, PSD or AI format; please contact me at for further information about using any of my images in your project.

Architectural Drawings: China

Architectural drawings of landmarks and significant buildings in China.


This was a commission undertaken for a cruise company so I would be very grateful if these weren’t copied or reproduced etc etc.


All illustrations were hand drawn using a Rotring Rapidograph on paper.

Architectural Illustrations: France

Architectural drawings of landmarks and significant buildings in France.


This was a commission undertaken for a cruise company so I would be very grateful if these weren’t copied or reproduced etc etc.


All illustrations were hand drawn using a Rotring Rapidograph (.25 if anyone is interested) on paper.

I’m going to be posting a few of these over the next few weeks as they’re interesting to look back on.