Hello and welcome to this blog. Here’s a little bit of background about me and my work.


I’m a professional map and cityscape illustrator and have been for a number of years now. I started out working as a children’s book illustrator, and it quickly became apparent that the illustrations which were most successful were the landscape or cityscape based pieces, as opposed to the more heavily character based drawings. I had the opportunity several years ago to work on an utterly beautiful book set in Malta which involved doing a fair amount of research into the topography and architecture of the country and this was when I started to realise just how intriguing towns and cities were.


As an artist, you not only have to develop your technique and style but to find a way to employ these to say something with a visual image. I never could do this quite successfully with images of figures; but with the landscape it seemed far easier. Looking back, it’s surprising how long it took me to realise that this is what I should be representing in my work. Geography has always interested me, both human and physical, and I have been fortunate enough to have travelled a little (though not as much as I would like).


These days, the majority of my commissioned work is of maps or cityscapes and it is the main focus of my personal work too. I have a portfolio website at www.abigaildaker.com and a blog which showcases my map illustrations at www.illustratedmaps.info but I wanted this blog to be a less professional space and one in which I could explore what these subjects mean to me. Although I am very fortunate to live overseas and to be experiencing a different culture from my own on a daily basis, I have a young family and so rarely get the chance to travel. My personal work is a solution to this problem.

Abi Daker London 360 panorama copy

To commission work or to ask about availability of any of the images shown on this site, please email abigaildaker@hotmail.com

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