Most of my commissioned work tends to require a certain level of detail so it’s frustrating at times to not be able to explore the more abstract qualities some skylines and cityscapes have. I’ve been interested in looking at this for a while and a sketch of Chicago seemed to lend itself quite well to this style of drawing.

My husband asked me a while ago to try a skyline/cityscape which used two or three differently coloured continuous lines to explore the background and foreground of a view so I decided to give it a go. Here’s the drawing with three lines, one black, one light blue and one dark blue.

One thing I found from working on a series of Dot to Dot books over the last couple of years is that continuous line drawings are really difficult. They are also really interesting because the limitations of the line force you to make slightly different decisions about the way the drawing goes. There’s a lot I’d change about this piece – I think some areas would be better if there was less detail, but I think it’s an interesting technique and I might try some more at some point. I’ve always thought this style of drawing would lend itself very well to a monoprint, so I might take a look at working on one of these eventually.

After scanning the drawing – which was made using coloured fineliners – I isolated the different colours in photoshop and tried a black and white version to see how the piece looked when separated and combined.